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Pierre Auguste Cot - Springtime

Early years

Pierre Auguste Cot was born in Bedarieux, (Herault) the February 19, 1837 and died in Paris on August 2, 1883. Cot began his studies at the l'ecole des Beaux-Arts with sculptor, Francisgue-Joseph Duret (1804-1865). He continued his studies at the Academie with one of Paris’ more influential teachers, historical painter, Leon Cogniet (1874-1880). Cote also studied with Alexander Cabanel (1823-1889 and William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905).

Pierre-August Cot debuted at the Paris Salon of 1863 with historical scenes, genre and allegorical subjects. As his genre scenes and portraits began to decorate the some of the more notable homes in Paris, Cot became extremely popular and one of Paris’ more successful painters.

Pierre Auguste Cot - Little Lord Fauntleroy


His paintings had a strength that magically was mixed with delicate grace. Some of the more notable works were; " Promethee", "Meditation", "The Day of Deaths", "Dionisa", "Le Printemps", "Mireille" and "Ophelia". He would later marry Francisgue-Joseph Duret’s daughter.


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